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A school of sunfish for your sticker needs! Stick a sunfish everywhere you need a reminder to just keep on keeping on!

This 12-sticker pack includes the following:

1x Large Sunfish Sitting There sticker

1x Small Sunfish Sitting There sticker

3x Large Sunfish sticker

2x Medium Sunfish sticker

4x Small Sunfish sticker


1x Complimentary Bogus Cheesecake sticker!

Take the blessings of Borbol wherever you go with this collection of halos and chibi Borbols!

This 9-sticker pack includes the following:

2x Large Borbol sticker

1x Small Borbol sticker

1x Large Halo sticker

2x Medium Halo sticker

2x Small Halo sticker


1x Complimentary Bogus Cheesecake sticker!

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