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• 2 New Backgrounds

• 15 Settlements, each with Wants, Needs, and Unique Cultures

• 11 Resources to Buy and Sell

• Customizable Frigates and Whaleboats

• A Detailed, Explorable Map

• 2 New Downtime Activities: Fishing and Scrimshawing

• 35 New Creatures

• 17 New Items, Magical and Mundane


Bolarius is a world unlike any other. A setting designed for DnD5e with a focus on quieter, more peaceful stories,  Bolarius is guaranteed to bring you an open world of wonder for any possible DnD adventure.

Creatures fly over endless pastures. Airships carry cargo between solitary settlements over fields of sheep and grain. Whalers hunt in search of the elusive skywhales. The soft, quite, post-apocalyptic world of Bolarius sees the final years of civilization close out in a realm of peace and simple existence.

Bolarius Anniversary Festival

January 1 - 6

A Celebration of All Things Bolarius

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Indie Titles

Original systems and creations

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Sunfish Sitting There

A tabletop-roleplaying game for 2 or more persons (1 Game Master & 1 or more players), this game is a slice-of-life simulation that emulates the frustration of trying to get by in life! 

In Sunfish, player characters traverse their daily lives, working to overcome challenges and tribulations, all in the hope they can obtain their goal. Expendable dice pools representing one's Zest for Life and Will to Live are used to overcome everyday obstacles, but watch out! Running out of one's Will to Live can see a game coming to a bittersweet conclusion. 



Shells, sales, and getting sloshed: Beachcombers is a rules lite ttrpg you can play with your friends - or insert into your current campaign as a downtime activity! Have the beach episode of your dreams with you, your friends, a glass of hard lemonade, and all the seashells your heart could desire.  

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