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Bolarius 1st Anniversary Festival Wrap-Up

It has been a very eventful week as we ran through the celebration of the Bolarius Anniversary - putting out new content and celebrating wonderful creations from the community! We'll use this post to run through the various days and highlight some of the wonderful things we saw over the course of the week! The anniversary directory can be found here, and the header links will bring you straight to the content for you to check it out for yourself! 💗🐳

Lore and stats for the gentle giants of Bolarius - the existence of giants was only briefly implied in the original guide so we jumped at the chance to flesh them out more, in true Bolarius style.

A design originally brought to us by the skillful Alec Azzam, the Catfishfolk are an ancestry we were so, so excited to finally release publically. These light-hearted fishy friends brought some new relaxation to the populous of Bolarius.

Although the skyblessings were well-detailed in the original guide, the magic cure-all lily of the Whale's Wish had been something we've been wanting to give more focus for some time. Now, as a full-fledged item, we hope it'll bring solace and help to all those in need.

It wouldn't be an anniversary without a bit of a retrospective, so we took a look at the development process between myself and Velikaya for our original Bolarius cover.

Stickers! We finally were able to get some merch up and running, for Bolarius and Sunfish Sitting There respectively! A brand new Chibi Borbol joined the rest of the stickers illustrated by Pino and Borbol's Halo from our good friend Velikaya.

Pulling out all the stops, for the final day we have a brand new song collection from Ivan Duch! These 4 songs each detailed a special part of Bolarius and they just came out so. damn. good.

Fan Creations

The weeklong celebration didn't just see us releasing content, either. The following is some of the amazing fan content we saw over the course of the week,

This fun module sees the player characters explore mysterious tunnels under the town of Arisbridge to thwart the classic evils of industrialism.

Our first ever fan AP! Skies of Bolarius sees a collection of colorful characters navigate the world of Bolarius, skillfully narrated by the master of magic Alec Azzam himself.

A short sidequest that can be dropped into any Bolarius campaign, this beautiful narrative illustrates some of the core themes of the setting.

Skald returns with a delightful magic item that proves useful in any exploration campaign - a magic flute that removes exhaustions and girds characters for the journeys ahead.

A beautiful depiction of a Bolarius fan character, this art captures the turn-of-the-century look that encapsulates the modern settlements of the setting.

Thank you to each and every person who commented, liked, and shared the Bolarius celebration this year. It was a magical time and we hope the content released this week shows just how grateful we are of everyone's support for our humble setting.

If you would like to pick up the Bolarius Setting Guide for yourself, please check the link here.

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