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Bolarius Anniversary Festival

January 1 - 6


A Celebration of All Things Bolarius

New Bolarius content each day

Showcases of fan-made content

An open invitation to make your own Bolarius project! 
Create and share your own content during the festival period for highlights a
nd celebration!

Reference the design document for help in making a truly Bolarius experience



Q: Does my project have to be DnD related?

A: Absolutely not! Create whatever fills your heart with joy. 

Q:  Does my project have to be free?

A: Bolarius is licensed under a Creative Commons  Attributive v4.0 International License, meaning                you can create any project, commercial or free, with attribution. For commercial projects, please                include the following attribution text:  "The Bolarius setting is copyright ©️ 2021 Bogus Cheesecake. This content contains references to material used with permission under the Creative Commons Attributive v4.0 International License."

         Please include all relevant legal disclaimers for the content you are creating.

Q: I have a question about Bolarius and I can't find the answer!

A:    Please feel free to reach out to us on our Twitter or at our email,

Day 1 - Giants in Bolarius

Day 2 - Catfishfolk

Day 3 - The Whale's Wish

Day 4 - Catching the Skywhale: 

Day 5 - Stickers

Day 6 - Soundtrack

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